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Status of the Sports Goods intustry in China


Perspective of the Development of China's Sporting Goods Industry from the Perspective of Market Innovation:
1 Analysis of China's Existing Sporting Goods Manufacturers from the Perspective of Market Innovation Perspective Market Innovation The market innovation degree is the time characteristic of market innovation, which refers to the new degree of different companies undertaking market innovation activities.
Market innovation is the process of marketization to realize various new market factors. The market elements here are a multi-level, multi-dimension, multi-factor, multi-attribute comprehensive concept. In order to facilitate the analysis of problems, the innovation degree of market innovation activities is divided into three basic types: initiative, reinvention and imitation.
11 First-innovative market innovation The introduction of a new market element for the first time and the realization of its marketization and opening up a new type of market innovation activity can be called first-type market innovation. For example, it took the lead in dividing the target market, taking the lead in adopting new marketing methods and taking the lead in changing the prices of commodities. All these market behaviors are pioneering market innovations.
For sporting goods manufacturing companies to create innovative market innovations, they must invest a certain amount of technology development costs. The greater the cost of market development, the greater the risk.
In general, market makers invest a higher investment cost in the initial stage of market introduction, and there are great uncertainties in the realization of market goals. This requires that producers of sporting goods not only have keen observations on market demand, they are conscious of the target of their own product consumption, and they have a certain degree of certainty about the life cycle of their own products, so that new products can be made in time according to changes in market demand. Market innovation activities.
12 Reinventing market innovation When a new market is first successful, there will be a large number of market recoverers. In order to gain a certain degree of competitive advantage, these later competitors will also carry out creative alterations of different degrees on the basis of the innovative market that is being pioneered by their market leaders.
The change of strategy is an intermediate market innovation strategy between the first strategy and the strategy for innovation. Sports product manufacturers must successfully carry out innovative market innovations, and market innovators must also bear the corresponding innovation costs and innovation risks. As China's sports industry has just started and sports regulations are not yet sound enough, once there are new heat-dissipating products on the market of the Guangzhou Institute of Physical Education, there will soon be a large number of counterfeit and shoddy products, and even realistically imitating the product, so that it truly owns the patent. Sports production companies suffer major economic losses. This to some extent hindered the healthy development of China's sporting goods manufacturing enterprises.
13 Imitation market innovation Imitation market innovation is a kind of market innovation activity with the lowest degree of innovation. It is basically a market imitation. Market imitators need not take the lead in creating new new markets, and they do not even need to renovate their first markets. Nowadays, most of China's sporting goods manufacturing companies have just started, and their sporting goods have a low technological content. Therefore, it is forcing sporting goods manufacturers to increase their technological content and participate in international competition.
In general, using this development approach, the production companies can also have a surplus in the early stages of market development. However, today's sporting goods market in China is part of the world's big sports market. Therefore, it is required that manufacturers of sporting goods should develop their own products from high quality and high standards.
Market innovation The market innovation domain is the sum of various market factors that market innovators can choose to cause changes in existing markets and lead to new markets.
11 Product Innovation Domain The function and use of a product is the value of its use, and this use value is a key factor in determining market requirements. Whether it is to increase or decrease the functionality of existing products or to develop new products with new features, changes in product functionality must be commensurate with changes in market demand.
1 Product Quality Innovation Domain Product quality characteristics are an important factor that determines the market sales of products. New quality will inevitably form a new market. Therefore, product quality is a basic market innovation field. From the perspective of market innovation, the quality level of sporting goods is a key factor that determines the market position and competitiveness of sporting goods manufacturing enterprises.
Because the same sporting goods have many quality characteristics, different consumers also have different quality requirements for the same sporting goods. Therefore, it is necessary for sporting goods manufacturing companies to produce new products with different quality characteristics and quality requirements. For example, for a pair of sports shoes, some customers require it/endurance 0, some customers require it/beautiful, some customers require it/comfort 0, and so on. Market innovators should select appropriate product innovation points based on the actual use of the product and the actual purchase motivation of the customer to determine the characteristics of the product and improve the competitiveness of the product.
2 Product Brand Innovation Domain Brand is the market symbol of a product. It represents the performance characteristics of the product in terms of its functions, uses, and quality. It also reflects the overall image of consumers and the products and enterprises it represents, and is the intangible asset of the company. Condensed in the product of a manifestation. Therefore, in the 8th Changsha China Sports Expo, domestic brands such as Li Ning and Conway did not hesitate to pay extra attention to strengthen the promotion of foreign brands. The world-famous brand Nike also set 18 standard booths to fight against other brands.
From the point of view of sales psychology, product brand innovation can help consumers identify different products or services, which is conducive to market innovation. Many market leaders have their own unique brand and trademark.
For example, in the United States, Coca-Cola, Nike, and China's Jianlibao beverages, all of these brands have brought enormous market and profits to manufacturers.
3 Product price Innovation domain price is a highly sensitive product factor that affects the sales of the product market. Products with new prices can be regarded as new products. This requires that manufacturers of sporting goods can, on the one hand, adopt different price positioning strategies such as high-price positioning, middle-price positioning, and low-cost positioning to target different customers, and introduce products of different specifications and different grades to the society to meet different needs. Customer needs. On the other hand, it should be recognized that the low-cost strategy is the most advantageous weapon to enter the market. Of course, changes in prices must also be affected and restricted by a series of related factors such as product cost, product image, product quality, product function, product service, product brand, and product market supply and demand.
12 Requirements Innovation domain demand is one of the most important market factors. Change in demand is the most fundamental market change. Product innovation is mainly focused on market demand, but product innovation domains are mainly for producers. When selecting product innovation points, sporting goods manufacturers consider more factors such as the production capacity and resource conditions of the company, rather than the actual situation of the market demand and its changing trend, so that it can directly promote market changes and achieve Demand innovation.
The diversity, breadth, relevance, and unlimited development of market demand have opened up a broad path for market innovators in sporting goods manufacturing companies. Of course, the abstraction, complexity, and variability of market demands have also given correct recognition to sporting goods manufacturers. It is difficult to grasp the specific form of market demand.
Therefore, enterprises that produce sporting goods should seriously conduct market research, grasp the actual situation of the market demand and its development trend, give full play to the market advantage of the company, select appropriate market innovation domains and market innovation points, and carry out market innovation according to market demand.
13 Customer Innovation Domain Customer is the most important market resource of a company. In a certain sense, market demand is customer demand. Starting from the market, that is, starting from the customer.
In abstract terms, there are many customers, and the customer innovation domain is also a very broad market innovation domain. As long as we focus on the actual needs of our customers, we will certainly be innovative and develop. However, there are many different customers, and different customers have different needs.
When formulating a market innovation strategy, any sporting goods manufacturing company should conduct necessary market segmentation and select the appropriate target customer group as its target market innovation domain. In a certain sense, the customer is the market, and choosing the target customer group is choosing a specific market innovation domain. The determination of an appropriate customer innovation domain is conducive to companies in accordance with their actual situation, focus on superior strength, choose a favorable market innovation, and thus successfully carry out market innovation. In addition, market segmentation and selection of target customer groups also facilitates the hierarchical management of customers and the implementation of customer-immobilized strategies, thereby winning a more long-term market advantage for sporting goods manufacturers.
Market innovation to market innovation refers to the trend and direction of change determined by the conditions and environment of various market factors in a specific innovation time and space.
Market innovation is the trend and development direction of the market in a certain period of time, and therefore has a certain time. With the changes in production conditions and market demands of sporting goods manufacturing companies, diversification and differentiation have become a new type of market innovation. With the market demand, individuality, diversification, and market size have continued to expand. Relatively simple and centralized. It has also become the leading market innovation direction for many sporting goods manufacturers. In this sense, the timeliness of market innovation can be regarded as a certain fashion, not in fashion and trends in Lili, etc.: It is difficult to succeed in the market innovation of China's sports product industry from the perspective of market innovation. .
Market innovation is a certain market innovation factor, the market trend and direction of development in a particular innovation space, and therefore has a certain degree of space, a certain degree of dimension and direction. In fact, each of the different market innovation factors will, in each different market innovation domain and market innovation point, pursuing the maximization of interests, will change in different directions. For example, sports innovation products can be developed toward compounding and diversification, and can also be developed toward simplification and simplification.
2 Opportunities and Challenges Faced by China's Sporting Goods Manufacturers 5 Promulgation of the Outline of the 6th National Fitness Program, Implementation of the Sports Law, Beijing’s Successful Olympic Bidding and China’s Football Going to the World Cup Stadium provide great opportunities for people to actively participate in sports activities and engage in sports consumption. . At the same time, accession to the WTO also provides a good platform for the development of China's economy. These favorable factors all provide a rare opportunity for the development of China's sporting goods production enterprises to tap into the domestic market and vice versa.
After the overseas sports equipment manufacturing enterprises have forged famous brands for more than a hundred years, the products of the sporting goods manufacturing enterprises that have just started in China are still lagging behind in terms of popularity and reputation. The participation of people in sports enthusiasm, the value orientation of sports consumption, the disorderly competition among domestic sports product manufacturing enterprises, and the incompleteness of the legalization of the sports market have brought no serious challenges to the production of sporting goods in China.
3 Concrete proposals for the development of China's sporting goods manufacturing enterprises Macro recommendations In light of China's special national conditions, the state should formulate active, safe, and effective policies, laws and regulations to create a favorable external environment for the development of China's sports industry.
All provinces, districts, cities, counties and local people's governments must adopt a flexible investment policy for the development of sporting goods production companies in accordance with local conditions and encourage and support the development of the local sports industry.
Microscopically, it is recommended that manufacturers of sporting goods should continuously carry out technological innovations and increase the technological content of products so as to enhance the market competitiveness of products.
Manufacturers of sporting goods should avoid blindly recreating and imitating sports products, and reduce the number of employees, increase efficiency, and combine with domestic and foreign companies to form the advantages of the Group to develop the enterprise.
Sports product manufacturers must strengthen market research and establish a good customer base for their products in terms of product price, usage, and brand.
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